Differences between a Digital Marketer and SEO executive

Confused between some basic terms and terminologies while studying digital marketing. Here, let's discuss some of the common confusion related to digital marketers and SEO Executive
Confused between some basic terms and terminologies while studying digital marketing. Here, let's discuss some of the common confusion that people have in their minds related to digital marketers and SEO executives. You must be confused about the roles and responsibilities of both positions and think they might be the same. Don’t worry, we will discuss the same today.
Most businesses are confused about whether they should hire an SEO Executive or a Digital marketer while thinking of enhancing their presence online. In order to hire the correct people for the correct position, you should ensure that a couple of things are clear to you.
At first, it must be clear, that it is not necessary that there is a difference between both terms. Sometimes, the terms might mean exactly the same as the roles, responsibilities, and functions of both terms are same but the titles might be different for the purpose of marketing. Let's discuss the basic meaning of both titles.
SEO Executive
As an SEO Executive, one has to work on website ranking and apply various techniques to improve them. He possesses the required skills and experience for this job and applies SEO practices for this purpose. Their focus is to improve the traffic of the websites.
Digital Marketer
A digital marketer also has other roles to perform along with SEO. A digital marketer also performs other functions such as content marketing, social media marketing, PPC, email marketing, and others.
Therefore, it must be clear that a digital marketer is not just limited to SEO but focus on the company’s overall online presence whereas an SEO Executive focuses on the organic traffic to the website.
There is a difference between both terms if we talk about the practical aspect. In the practical world, an SEO Executive is required to perform other tasks as well which may vary based on the work the clients want from them.
Latest Trends
If we discuss the trend and the online presence of the company nowadays, just conducting and applying SEO practices are not enough. A business needs to think beyond SEO and focus more on the whole digital marketing concept to build its online presence. It would miss the wonderful opportunity if it neglects social media. Social media is very important for the company and helps in building an online presence by communicating and engaging with the target audience. Nowadays, companies should think beyond SEO and also focus on incorporating digital marketing strategies.
Career Opportunities in both the roles
SEO Executive
SEO courses are in high demand as businesses focus on their online presence more nowadays as it can drive traffic by implementing SEO practices. Seo Executive focuses on aspects such as keyword research, link building, and content quality. They should create high-quality content and also use google analytics to track and measure their performance regularly.
Digital Marketer
A Digital Marketer on the other hand has a major role in building the brand awareness of the company and uses digital platforms to generate and increase the traffic to the website and generate relevant leads for the brands. A digital marketer also serves other responsibilities along with SEO such as-
  • Planning and implementing different strategies related to marketing for any brand
  • PPC advertising
  • Improving presence on social media marketing
  • Email marketing
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